2014 Holiday Faire Sponsors and Donors

Special thanks to our Holiday Faire Sponsors and Donors for a fun and successful event!


Gold Bell:

Van Au and Mike Lim
Eunice and Richard Tzeng
Kelli Marks and Nick Shockett
Kit Chow and Tim Connolly
Grace Leung and Patrick Calahan
Ravy Thang
Suosdey Penn and Malcolm Yeung
Churn Hwang
Josephine Wong and Bernardo Kuan

Silver Bell:

Angela Chew
Angelica and Howard Cao
Ellen Johnson and Jonathan Chukwu
Karen and Marc Liu
Stefanie Chyong and Stanley Yang
Bi Yan Ye and Simon Liang Lu
Yenni Kwek and Ferry Gunawan

Jingle Bell:

Dipenra Rai and Tina Chendrawati
Michelle and Clarence Yap
Mei Jian Liu
Lisa Zimmerman and Korey Grimes
Jin Ping and Qi Jing Liu
Qinxiu Fang and Calvin Hu
Dennis Liao and Kathy Mei
Rachel and Raymond Sheung
Michelle and Art Tom
Mei Qi Kuang and Di Fei Lu
Kitty Dea and Kwok Fong

Additional Generous Gifts:

Lily Tan and Clifford Chew
Martin King
Marion and Albert Ko
Lori Liao
Jacqueline Wong and Liqiang Wen
Chao Hong Tan and Stanley Cheung
Qi Ni Chen
Shan Shan Tan and Eric Zhao
Tuyet Nguyen and Tony Quan


Save the Date Holiday Faire 2014