Preschool Program

Wah Mei School offers year round half-day and full-day programs to serve our communities, ranging from private non-profit to state-funded programs.

Each program has the same educational emphasis. However, enrollment and eligibility requirements differ slightly.

All Programs Require the Following:

  1. Child is toilet trained.
  2. Parents support bilingual education and agree with the philosophy of the school.
  3. Parents agree to observe and abide by all school policies.

Overview of the Curriculum:

Becoming familiar with books and print, learning the ABC’s, writing his/her name, developing good listening habits, learning to sequence and retell details, and classifying objects and pictures are a part of your child’s preparation for reading. (A complete guide of reading readiness skills is available for your information in the office.)

Matching, comparing, sequencing, ordering, grouping, counting, recognizing and writing numbers, measurement, weights, shapes, and time (calendar) are some of the concepts covered in the pre-mathematics program.

Social Studies/Multicultural Education
This aspect of the program focuses on the self-image of the child and his/her immediate world–the family, the home, the neighborhood. Wah Mei School will present books, stories, toys from other cultures in a non-stereotyped framework. Sharing, playing together, helping one another, working together, etiquette, and accepting each other’s differences will also be emphasized.

Physical development
Wah Mei School has a well-designed program to develop the fine motor and gross motor skills as well as train eye-hand coordination. We also offer a variety of games, relays, body movement activities to music, and free play with physical education equipment.

Insects, birds, animals, and plants that we see around our school, community, and city will be the primary focus of the science program. Wah Mei School’s science program focuses on ecology. Children will explore the weather, the air, space, water, etc.

The school teaches a wide variety of songs in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. The children will also be exposed to a wide variety of music: classical, jazz, rock, Chinese folk, and contemporary music, and music from other cultures and countries.

Note: WMS offers no religious instruction.

Apply for the Wah Mei Preschool Program Today!

Effective January 1, 2018, our application fee will be $100. To apply, please print out the application form, complete and send it to the address on the form along with a $50 application fee (until December 31, 2017). Checks can be made payable to: WAH MEI SCHOOL. You may also apply in person. Please call to make an appointment to visit the school.

Preschool Program Application (PDF)

See a sample full-day schedule.

See a description of the different preschool classes.