Wah Mei School Core Values


Chinese Culture and School Readiness are Intertwined


Our teaching style and curriculum emphasizes our rich Chinese heritage, culture, and traditions, bolstered daily with our core Trilingual and Bilingual programs. We prepare our children to be school-ready global citizens, in a fun and developmentally appropriate environment.

我們每日經由多國語言的教學方式 (英文, 中文, 以及第三種語文) 和課程安排, 來加強小學童們, 對豐富的中國歷史和文化傳承, 以及對一般傳統習慣, 有正面的了解。我們的目標是在供給一個有趣及具發展性的適當環境, 來培養出小學童們成為具有國際觀的學前公民。


We Support, Nurture, and Value the Uniqueness of Our Children

我們支持,培訓, 和尊重小孩的獨特性

We are child centered: The children always come first. We are supportive, nurturing, and health conscious in our planning and preparing for the activities and the food offered. We provide a safe, open environment for every child.

我們以小孩為中心: 小孩子們第一。我們的活動及生活飲食, 在幫助小學童們的發展及健康. 我們給每個小學童們一個健康及開放的環境.

We value, appreciate, and foster the unique attributes and experiences of each child and his/her family. Caring for each child and providing guidance and activities to help realize each child’s potential are important to us. We actively attend to his/her physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

我們尊重,感謝並鼓勵每個小學童, 以及他們家庭成員們的參與。

我們來, 透過指導及活動, 來了解和發每個小學童的潛力, 是非常重要的。我們叮關心, 小學童們的健康,情緒, 社交, 以及智慧上的需要.


Play Based Activities Enhance Learning


We believe that children learn through structured and unstructured play. We encourage them to creatively explore through our play based curriculum activities, including music, songs, art, movement, and more.



Diversity Matters to Us

對我們來, 保持文化多元性是非常重要性的

We believe in maintaining a diversity of cultures and socio economic situations at our school and encourage any family to apply. We are proud of our inclusive programs, including those that support subsidy families and special-needs children. We welcome all families into our inclusive programs.

我們相信在學校中,保持多元性的文化以及不同社會背景需求是重要的,我們鼓勵任何家庭來申請。我們以我們的包容性教育為榮; 包括

需要補助的家庭, 以及需要特別幫助的小孩們. 我們歡迎所有不同家庭們的小學童來此學習。


Our Relationships in the Community are Deep and Collaborative


We commit to maintaining trusting and collaborative relationships within the school as well as with the larger Wah Mei community. We have a strong network of partners and supporters who believe in the value we bring to our community.

我們在學校內部及華美社區, 保有誠信及合作的関係。我們在社區,龎大的伙伴們及支持者。他們都相信華美給予社區帶來的價