Our Programs

 Wah Mei School recognizes the unique strengths of each child and is committed to meeting the needs of the individual children and families that we serve.

We believe that children learn best in a safe and nurturing environment which helps them to grow and develop their abilities and skills to the utmost potential.

We are dedicated to the development of the “whole child” within a bilingual framework.  The goals of our curriculum are to facilitate the child’s growth and development in all areas and to instill in them an appreciation of people of all backgrounds.  Our child-centered curriculum is developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate.  It is designed to encourage exploration, hands-on experiences, creativity, imagination, and social interaction.  Incorporated are activities of art, music, fine and gross motor skills, reading and math readiness, nutrition, health, science, and social skills.  For more information please call us to set up a site tour.  We give them daily by appointment between the hours of 9-11:30.

Apply to Wah Mei by mail or in person by printing out one of these forms:

Preschool Program Application (PDF)
Saturday Program Application (PDF)